Matteucci Management was founded in Rome in 1986 by Gianpaolo Matteucci after completing his degree in Law at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
The specialization in sports law and sports management occurred in the following two years, and the agency immediately began to provide assistance to drivers and teams.

Gianpaolo is one of the most well-known sports agents in Europe, thanks to his legal background and extensive experience in the field of management. He specializes in contract negotiations and consistently works in every area to facilitate and achieve the best possible results for his clients.

His extensive knowledge of marketing opportunities, sponsorships, and complex commercial operations has opened doors in various categories, from karting to Formula 1, passing through developmental championships, GT racing, and emerging fields like Formula E.



Career or program management is carried out through the planning of short-term and long-term goals, along with the creation of a team of specialists dedicated to each client. From on-track support to managerial and commercial oversight, Matteucci Management provides a wide range of services necessary to achieve the objectives ahead.


Physical and mental preparation are of great importance, and they should be planned down to the smallest detail.
The team of specialists that has been collaborating with Matteucci Management for years and assisting its clients is based on years of research and experimentation at the highest levels.
Each driver benefits from a tailored preparation by these experts, including the best sports psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and highly trained coaches, selected over the years and coordinated by the agency.


The identification of the championship and the team are fundamental aspects of planning a successful motorsport career
Therefore, negotiating agreements represents a crucial moment to obtain the ideal conditions for career development.
A deep understanding of each team and the people within it, marketing opportunities, sponsorships, and the most complex commercial operations forms the basis of every agreement that offers the best advantages to clients.


Careful planning and the development of precise image strategies are essential today to increase the commercial value and appeal of clients in the international market. All of this also involves the preparation of dedicated and up-to-date tools, such as communication through social media.